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I help Highly Sensitive Souls stop hiding who they truly are, reclaim their voice, and develop their natural intuitive gifts and abilities so that they can create a fulfilling, purposeful life.


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  • Receive a ritual to call back all that you feel is missing from your soul
  • Forgive and release many of the ways you may have self-abandoned your Highly Sensitive Soul
  • Connect with who you truly are in your Divine form - beyond your human identity
  • Connect with why you incarnated here as a beacon of light for humanity in this lifetime

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Put your name down on the list to be a beta tester or a new client for my next level coaching and mentorship program - Channeling For Your Business. This is a multi-month, immersive and personalized experience for Highly Sensitive Souls aspiring to create and/or establish a spiritual business that allows them to cater to their sensitive trait, develop their natural intuitive gifts and abilities into their zone of genius, impact and influence their client community, and make more money doing what they love.

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This is a comprehensive self-study and self-paced course of 50+ videos that will train you how to channel your Spirit Guides, connect with the Spirit Realm, tap into Source energy, and understand Divine expression to help you achieve the most rewarding, fulfilling, and transformational life possible as a Highly Sensitive Soul!

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Apply to The Inner Circle to expedite your spiritual growth, and to feel authentically connected with your Higher Self!

Here you'll find an ongoing weekly Zoom call with me and a small group of women every Friday morning which includes: a Monthly Energy Forecast and Oracle Card Reading, Intuition Development Circle, Spiritual Mentoring Q&A, and a Meditation Practice Circle! Each week there is something to look forward to!

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In this unique reading completed digitally, I will connect remotely to your energy field and to your own Spirit Guides using psychic-mediumship to provide you with channeled messages of love, healing, support and assistance with your every day life, regardless of where you are in your journey.

Your reading will be approximately 500+ words (typed in 12 point font single space in a PDF). Depending on what your angels and Spirit Guides share with me, it may be longer than that.

 There is no Zoom call/audio/phone call involved! Simply order a reading directly through my Etsy store!

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Meet Kimberly

I’m Kimberly Morrow - Psychic Medium, Spiritual Guide and Mentor, Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, and the creator of The Conscious Her.


I help women who are Empaths, Highly Sensitive People (HSP), and Intuitives (aka Highly Sensitive Souls) learn spiritual and energetic self-development tools and techniques through the power of Spiritual Mentoring, so that they can learn to leverage their energetic gifts in their personal and professional life, and utilize their intuition and sensitivity as their personal superpowers.


My greatest gift is to use the power of mediumship to:

  • Provide loving, supportive and life-changing guidance to others

  • Help others rediscover the Divine Within themselves

  • Help others uncover their higher purposes as a Highly Sensitive Soul

  • Help others create a life of ease, alignment, trust and flow

  • Help others learn to channel their Spirit Guides, connect to the Spirit Realm, tap into Source Energy, and understand Divine Expression

  • Help others reignite and strengthen their sensitive gifts, abilities and talents as a Highly Sensitive Soul so that they can be embraced in their everyday life

  • Help others on their path of healing and service to themselves, so that they may heal and serve others


More About Kimberly

As seen in:

My mission is to:


  • Help you reach your greatest, most fulfilled and confident spiritual self, all while embracing yourself for exactly as you are now, unapologetically!

  • Recognize your Divinity as a Highly Sensitive Soul and as a Divine and cosmic being - and why you incarnated as one in this lifetime!

  • Give your life an entirely new meaning through the lens of truly understanding your incredible energetic gifts and abilities and how to use them to create the most rewarding, fulfilling, and transformational life possible.

  • Inspiring you, the ‘energetically conscious’ woman, to take your personal power back, step into energetic sovereignty, and to take control of your spiritual and energetic well-being.

  • Provide you with the opportunity to achieve a life of expedited growth, expansion, and evolution as you begin to live your life on your terms.

  • Connect you with Spirit as well as a supportive and inspiring community of like-minded women that facilitates and nurtures the journey of inner-healing and soul alignment.

The Conscious Her Podcast


Are you ready for The Conscious Her Podcast?!

The Conscious Her Podcast is exclusively for women that are empaths, Highly Sensitive People, and intuitives who are passionate about spiritual and energetic self-development. If you’re looking to leverage your incredible energetic gifts in your personal and professional life, and utilize your intuition and sensitivity as your personal superpowers, this podcast is for YOU!

In this podcast, you'll also learn how to embrace your own energetic sovereignty and personal power through practical tools, tips and techniques that you can use every single day so that you can live the most fulfilling, rewarding and transformational life you possibly can as an 'energetically sensitive' person. 

Tune in to discover intriguing, candid, no-fluff discussions around spirituality, intuition, energy and more so that you can feel a part of an integrative community that actually gets you.

And trust me, you can’t Google this!

Start Listening!

The Conscious Her was Divinely downloaded and created after much observation, listening and connecting with hundreds of people who worked with me in both private and group sessions over the past 5 years, as clients and as students.


Some of the most common struggles I discovered amongst the women I served were:


  • Uncovering yourself as an Empath, Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), intuitive, or energetically 'sensitive' person, and not fully understanding what that meant.

  • Feeling like you lack spiritual friends or a community of like-minded women.

  • Feeling constantly judged, misunderstood, alone, or isolated.

  • Struggling to effectively communicate and understand your needs and boundaries.

  • Having trouble listening and following through with your own intuition.

  • Unable to find spiritual guidance, education or leadership by someone you could really trust.

  • Having to give a disclaimer that you’re not 'crazy' or weird in order to tell something about your spiritual or intuitive experiences.


Sound familiar?


Without understanding the power or complexity of being a Highly Sensitive Soul, you're bound to feel like your sensitivity is a burden to carry.

I realized that there were hundreds of women who were exactly like me, experiencing what I did throughout my spiritual journey over the past 10 years without anywhere or anyone to turn to or to learn from.


Get Unstuck

What is Spiritual Mediumship Mentoring?


Spiritual Mediumship Mentoring is a system that I have created, that allows me to use my gifts as a medium and my own life experience to channel Divine Guidance from my own Spirit Guide Team for the purpose of teaching and mentoring students who wish to:


  • Feel more deeply connected, peaceful and assured in their own spirituality.

  • Develop, connect with and embrace their own beautiful energetic gifts and abilities.

  • Have someone to guide them through this journey of self-discovery.

  • Have an ethical, responsible, reputable and authentic teacher.

  • Align with their true self and Divine soul path.

  • Deeply love their true nature as a Highly Sensitive Soul, and cosmic light being.

  • Fully understand their own unique needs, and how to nourish them as an energetically sensitive person.


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